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Because you must not give up! You already know much more Italian than you think you do. Whatever your level is, do not worry. It will improve. Will have no prefab lesson— each will be its own. Friendly and informal online conversation, with me there to answer questions and boost your confidence. You will have the opportunity to clarify grammar, improve your pronunciation, and increase your vocabulary.

Through teaching Italian language and listening to students I have come to realize to what extent spontaneous conversation is key to learning a new language. The grammar that one learns on a course, or self-taught grammar, is the base, but putting it to use in speaking with others makes the language come alive. My secrets, which are no longer a secret, are: patience and support!
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Contact me in Italian or English. We will arrange the number of conversations based on our time requirements. Following confirmation of payment, I will send you my Skype contact. I will be online on the day and time that we have established.

Prices & Times

45 minutes £20
60 minutes £25

I also offer packages with a 10% discount:

5x45 minutes £90
10x45 minutes £180
5x60 minutes £112
10x60 minutes £225

Methods of payment: credit or debit card via Paypal.


Payment needs to be made in advance. At least 24-hours notice is required for any cancellations or changes. Failing this, you will be charged for the conversation. The use of a webcam is not as important as instant messaging is.


Keep in mind why you do it.
Smile listen repeat.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
Be patient and keep smiling

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"When i first met Carla at our skype lesson, I did not except to feel so comfortable by speaking Italian with her. After only a few weeks of lessons twice a week, i feel that my Italian language is much better and much fluency than before. The lessons with Carla are very friendly and of course, very interesting because of her questions and subjects that we talk about. She always find a way to make you feel comfortable and most important, considerate about the things you say and the way you speak. The thing that I like the most about the lessons with Carla, is the way she decide to correct my mistakes by writing it through the skype, without stopping the conversation- it helps me a lot. Carla is an amazing teacher and plus, a very nice and good person to talk with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you very much Carla!"
Maria, Israel 2017

"Lessons with Carla are a lot of fun! Carla's a very interesting person and very easy to talk to- which makes the whole process of learning a new language much easier."
Shira, Israel 2017

"I was searching a conversation class after trying a general Italian language course for few months as I felt a need of practices on composing sentences promptly and listening to Italian sound not necessarily based on text books. Carla's online conversation lesson was the perfect solution. I can bring subjects that I'm interested so it is more fun and makes it easier to memorise vocabularies and expressions. She's very patient even when I'm slow or not making myself clear and guides me gently but precisely which helps me to speak Italian with more confidence. It would be a long journey for me to master Italian language but she would be the perfect teacher to go through these steps with."
Fusako, UK 2016/17

"I have taken lessons with Carla for the last two years over Skype. Carla's lessons are as thoughtful and considerate as Carla herself. Carla is patient in her approach and types your corrections as you speak as a tool to help you go back and remember. She always leaves time for questions and explains things very throughly. I find that using Skype is the easiest way to learn Italian as it is convenient and I always have a record of what our last lesson was about. My advice to anyone interested in learning Italian is to absolutely give Cafe con Carla a try, you will quickly learn what an amazing teacher Carla is and how learning in the comforts of your own home is such a benefit when having a busy week!" Rebeca, USA, 2015

"I have been having Skype lessons for over a year with Carla. It is an excellent way to learn or improve your Italian language. Through her structured and friendly lessons she has given me the confidence to speak Italian. I thought it might seem strange at first however Skype has so many advantages. Its flexible, I can have a lesson from anywhere and when I make a mistake Carla can type the correct sentence on screen for me to read and repeat. I would definelty recommend trying a lesson with Carla."
Kathryn, Scotland, 2015

"I had lessons via Skype with Carla for about six months, and she is incredible! She always had interesting questions and material for us to discuss. She helped tremendously with my vocabulary and grammar, but also with developing in me an ease and comfort with speaking (the hardest part of learning a language!). She was responsible and on time, and would gear our lessons towards whatever I needed and was interested in. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Carla's lessons are both useful and really fun."
Annie, USA, 2014/2015